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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Latter Swoon June 2007

Mon 18 Jun When Paul McCartney's 65....
I'm still stuck on the story of the Frank Franklin, just past the halfway point. Meanwhile, I started making calls for appointments. I added the hernia surgeon to the dentist. I still have much to schedule. Deapite the problems over the weekend, I almost finished my calendar for July. I have nineteen picures already, due to my new method of pulling them off the internet. I also updated my online diary, with the thought of having an intellectual diary as well.

Late last week, I tried to recall when I first went to Shea Stadium. Fortunately I could look up on the internet when the Giants beat the Mets 7-6 in 11 innings. It turned out to be on a Thursday, 21 August, not in July as I'd thought. The writeup must have been the following Tuesday -- not the other way around -- in the Wilkes-Barre Record.

Wed 20 Jun
I've been having my own June swoon. I failed to get to the Robert Alllen workshop. Hopefully, someon will call again so I can attend the workshops.

Sun 24 Jun
It's been another frustrating weekend as both Rosetta Stone and the Verizon internet refuse to work. I started a course with Block, and it went down. I am seriously thinking of changing to Comcast. I am getting nothing done.

Thu 28 Jun
I'm still trhying to get over the impending operation on a double hernia in the groin. I have the arrangements at work. Next I must arrange things at home, which includes Liberty Resources.
My hernia has been aching me on the left side all day. Meanwhile, I bought the third and fourth novels on Alex Rider.

Sat 30 Jun
My hernia has been acting up today, alhtough my sister insists that a laproscopic operation on a hernia is no big deal. My trip to Frankford Lower Bucks lasted an hour and a half. Fortunately I waited until today to get the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew second season. It costs five less at Walmart over Best Buy.

I finished "Skeleton Key" this morning. I would have never figured out how the case would have ended. Anthony Horowitz leaned how to write quite well.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

June Swoon 2007

Sat 2 Jun
I had quite an attack of existential nausea this afternoon. I went food shopping for my mother and brother, after I had gone for myself last night. I spent a considerable amount of time on the new computer, trying to put on programs. I used the compatablity modes whenever I could.

Tue 5 Jun
Verizon online hass not been down since Saturday morning. Apparently they have fixed the digital scubscriber line. Meanwhile I'm lumping the MIT site with organic chemistry and astrophysics. I don't think we covered some of those organic chemistry thirtyone years ago. I wonder if the class received its money's worth at the Wilkes-Barre Campus of Penn State!

Wed 6 Jun
Kill Sirhan Bishra Sirhan!
Block was an insulting mess. I don't have to attend classed for rehire; I can take them online. Furthermore there are 112 classed online! (as of 16 June, still not up yet). I should drop "Everyone's Return".

Tue 12 Jun
I have returned to DIG. Last night I downloaded Dolf De Roos' program.

Thu 14 Jun
I picked up the final two Alex Rider books in an intrigue on how Anthony Horowitz handles his teen James Bond in later adventures. I also wanted to examine the schadenfreue of nearly killing Alex. I read "Colorado Conspiracy" of the Hardy Detective Agency.

Sun 17 Jun
I read "Dangerous Reflection" with the Hardy Detective Agency. Although I did enjoy it -- despite the loanguage (PG15) -- I found the change of Joe Hardy into an adopted child too farfetched. The ideal of an evil twin was entertaining. Because I personally would have enjoyed playing Joe Hardy myself, I found the Joe in that story too light for me.
I started "Ark Angel", the sixth of the Alex Rider series, and I was amazed how well written the beginning was. Anthnoy Horowitz must have learned this craft over decades.
Last night the computer gave me a hard time and the internet went down. Once again I had to reinstall Rosetta Stone. I finally replaced the ethernet connection to fix the internet. The wire was just too loose to keep the internet up to snuff.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Memorial Weekend to June

Wed 23 May
I sent the email about paying for the next round of sessions as my major project this summer. My minor project on copywriting has already begun, along with the Golden Needle.
Ed Schrachner's "Genius" is worth one more pass before I declare it finished. now I am going through Remote Viewing from Dennis Watley. I am trying to get all this synergized.
Tomorrow I have Toastmasters, the third meeting without a speech. However, I need that new computer first before I think about speeches.
Unfortunately Block will kick in all too soon in June. Of course, I barely went though any of my projects this month. Block has become a nuisance!
Monday night we had visitors, and one is an advocate. Hopefully we'll get some action.
I spent past of my open hour outside in the sun while listening to the first exercise of remote viewing. It reminds me of the psychic energy of Wicca.

Sat 26 May
We went to PathMark last night, and came home at dusk. The temperature rose into the 30º's so all I did outside was mow the from garden and the front lawn. I finished cleaning my room, but the bookcases at the head of the bed need cleaning again. I put in the air conditioner as well.
Downstairs I have much to sling. The modem continues to be inconsistently malfunctioning. I drew about a third of June with a third left to finish.

Mon 28 May
The twentythird anniversary of my inglorious retreat from State College loomed in my mind yesterday morning. I thought of the church I attended that day, and how much time has passed since then versus the time I used to go there to that time in 1984. It was only twenty years earlier in 1964-7!
Then I bought a new computer at Circuit City. Vista may be an improvement over Windows 98, but it is incompatable with many of my discs! My struggle with the internet was no better.

Tue 29 May
The internet ran most of yesterday until late afternoon. It's been off since then, and I'm losing patience. I will pick up a scanner and a printer from Circuit City. Before I confront any other problems, I must abate the obsolete!
I read the second book on Alex Rider, "Point Blanc"", and I was up until 11:30 last night to finish it. Now I must resume my own mystery, for I am only half finished writing it.
I went onto the MIT site (when the internet was working) and I wanter to print the instructions for astrophysics. My printer and scanner are simply incompatable.

Thu 31 May
Last night the internet was back on, but it ran ever so slowly. This morning the internet was back to speed. Meanwhile the website ar Rosetta Stone has a method around the incompatablity with Vista, and it worked. I've yet to do the same with other programs so far. My next visit is the website of Instant Immersion.
Michael Masterson's AWAI program arrived yesterday, but only now am I getting to it. I worked through yesterday, and I almost did so again today. Mom has a swollen left vamp. so I had to dress my brother. Therefore, I have the van (for I had not the time to walk to work), and I"ll pick up the rest of the antibiotic the dermatologist prescribed this afternoon.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

But It's a Morning in May2007

Fri 27 Apr
After I came home from Toastmasters last night, I watched the episode of "Maude's Dilemma", which I bought from Best Buy. The actors looked so old, but then I watched it on a small black-and-white television in November 1972.

Sun 29 Apr
"Walter's 50th Birthday" on Maude was too close to reality for me. Meanwhile, I just do a task at a time. I trimmed the roses of Sharon, transplanted the hostas, finished my calendar for May, and I just varnished most of the deck.
I'm finding my admiration for Alex Pettyfer diminishing, first with the tattos, then the smoking. Supposedly he won't reprise the role of Alex Rider. Do we have another River Phoenix on hand?

Wed 2 May
I have the office to myself today, and I continued to play my old radio shows. Some of these tapes are so old, they should be rerecorded. I've lost eonough shoes from breakage.
Despite the chance to call in private, I cannot get appointments yet and the disspute over the antibiotic the dematologist prescribed remains at an impasse.
I did get started rewriting Frank Franklin and redoing it on the internet, this is , of what I left on the internet.
I've almost gone through all the first season of Maude, and I certainly did not understand it.

Fri 4 May
Today I've finished the transfer of Frank Franklin form two years ago in another notebook. Now I must write and transfer it to the internet.
My first free week produced nothing. It's a discouraging beginning which threatens to continue my movement to nowhere.

Sun 6 May
Yesterday I cleaned the van, washed the deck, and mowed the lawn. I needed the bath. I also put up screens and the storm windows.
Today was cool (16º), so I planted the ferns, the corn and the sunflowers. As we approach the ninth, I hope to plant much more.

Wed 9 May
Sitting in the kitchen, coffee on the boil...
Staring at the ceiling, goodbye olive oil...
I'd thought my trip to the Robert Allen workshop would be my method of conquering existential nausea. I left the workshop full of existential nausea! I felt no improvement over twentyseven years ago, when I had my first bout of existential nausea. Nothing over the two and a half hours was a surprise.

Fri 11 May
I put in an hour and a half overtime just to catch up on one day. I am outside today, the first time since Tuesday. I still have nonbuyer's remorse, but I haven't researched the offer because the internet has been down since Wednesday night.
Toastmasters was okay for muddling through, as I was timer and evaluator, but like the rest of my life, it doesn't seem to be leading me anywhere.

Mon 14 May
The weekend muddled mostly: a little cleaning, a little varnishing, and still nonbuyer's remorse. The news about the internet came out yesterday: the modem is the culprit. I should have suspected it, for it has become more difficult to get online over the past few weeks. I'd thought that the capacity of the computer was at fault. (Ed Note: this statement is not proven as of 3 June.)

Tue 15 May
Now begins the marathon session of the primary. Someone from the Robert Allen Institute called among the campaigners, and I am about to remedy my reluctance of existential nausea from last Wednesday. At this point, I don't see how I am going to get through the training here. Online will be easier.
A touch of summer permeates with temperatures into the 30º's. Meanwhile, I discovered that the Zone Alarm was blocking my brother's access to the internet. Then I went downstairs, and my modem was working as well!
Therefore, I obtained an application from the RAI from the email. I'd thought I couldn't get it until Wednesday, when the modem, comes, so I have a little time.

Thu 17 May
The modem came on Tuesday, but it didn't work right. Last night the internet was down due to the thunderstorm. Therefore, I still haven't been online with the replacement modem.
Yesterday I put in nine hours straight to catch up on one day off. The mail wasn't even done on Tuesday, because no one was here to do it! It seems to be a problem every time I take a day off.

Frid 18 May
Well, the final blow fell on the computer last night. I tired once again to get the new modem hooked up, and after an hour, the consultant and I could not get the modem hooked to the comp. However, when I put the first modem in place, I did get back on the internet. With no disc drive on the comp, there is no way to change anything. It does end the problem of resetting the comp with the modem once I replace the comp.

Mon 21 May
This weekend I never left the property on Saturday and Sunday. I cleaned only half of my bedroom, finding much undone and unfinished. I did throw our a few items. I have no use for any of them. Puprle Heart picked up our first bag of the year.
The modem works intermittently, yet I don't see anything worth a purchase in computers. I should have grabbed one earlier this month. Perhaps next weekend will reward my patience.
I jumped at the copywriting course, but I'm not sure it went through, for the modem conked out right afterwards. I decided the worst case was a course in marketing. It should be helpful.
I should prepare my proposition to the RAI's training for real estate. I see no other way to find out if it's for me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Longer Taxing in April 2007

Fri 13 Apr
The final of the marathonic latterweeks has come on the this fifteenth time. My schedule over the final four days looks hectic, particularly Sunday, so the final grasp for peanuts runs well. After today, I've have more room to get decent sleep every other day.
My thoughts for books continue, especially when I hear songs from over three decades ago. There is just so much to face as the clouds of tax season dissipate.
The other issue remains with my learning capacity. I will need much of the time I receive back to solve the problem. I shall have to solve what I can over the next thirtyeight weeks. I've already signed for Everyone's Return as the only solution to the programs this summer/

Sun 15 Apr
A noreaster hit the area with enough rain to reduce our sparse clientele. Unfortunately today is not the final day for preparation.
On my mind remains Alex Rider: Stormbreaker. I first watched it in French with Spanish subtitles. Alex Pettyfer remains a blond cuty with freckles and cleft, although the plot has a questionable dénouement. Otherwise, the teenaged James Bond has the useable gadgets.

Mon 16 Apr Three hours left at Block
The criticism of "Stormbreaker" goes beyond the change of the critical character. How did this same character stop the car after shooting the driver? Later we see the BMW with the plates of RID3R with only bullet holes. The Portuguese man-o-war also was unbelievable in its ability to electrocute fish. They usually sting , which could kill a human.
Right before I went to work, it began to snow! I had a devil of a time trying to get here in fogged windows. I have the office to myself, and I tried to sleep on the floor without success. I suppose by the middle of the week, I'll switch back to normal after the noreaster leaves the area. Thereafter I'll begin to resolve all I've neglected for fifteen weeks.
Back to Alex Rider, I wonder what it would be like to get inside such a character: to think and feel what he thinks and feels as the story proceeds. Wouldn't it be fun to be a teenager again?

Wed 18 Apr
For the first time this year, I'll be going home after work on a Wednesday, Thrusday, and Friday. Now begins the reorientation. In addition, the dermatologist has placed me back on antibiotics. My internet has been down since Sunday, so I must correct that problem before I can move into other projects.

Fri 20 Apr
At long last, a free weekend approaches, with so much to do. I suppose it's best to take on task at a time.

Mon 23 APr
This weekend had a huge interruption on Sunday with five hours of hair cutting and restauranting. I did get my calendar for May started, after I bought new sheets. I updated my online diary, and this morning I was contemplating my latest mystery, the one I haven't finished since 1996.
I took a survey of the yard. Parts of the fence need cementing, the grass needs sowing in the back, we need plants back around the extention, and I must fence and plant my gardens. Of course, the groundhog has returned, the shed needs roofing and mildew proofing.
I also have several directions to go academically: copywriting, writing, enrolled agency, and ccertified accounting. I must make a list!

Random thoughts about Alex Rider:
The word that struck me in the bonus track on casting the character is "incredibly brave". Why would a fourteen-year-old be so brave? He's reluctant to get into imilitary intelleigence just as George Król is reluctant to get into detection. I also noted that the story gives only significant clues supposedly to keep it moving along \, which may not have been the case of Anthnoy Horowitz's book.

Thu 26 Apr
I return to Toastmasters today for the first time in the new year. I will also be at Barnes and Noble tonight, along with looking at computers at Best Buy.
Alex Rider reminded me of Frank Franklin., and I tried to write it two years ago without finishing it. I have down only about 2500 words, aiming for a novelette of thirty thousand words. Maybe Barnes and Noble has Alex Rider books.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I've Got Pieces of April

Thu 29 Mar
My Easter basket is 43 today, and it's been 37 years since I shoveled snow on Easter night 1970. Unlike the snowstorm on Good Friday 1982, the storm in 1970 did not ominously predict a bad year with its presence.
Last night at Block was a series of misses. One of my holds returned, but I still couldn't finish the return. I lost a hold, leaving me with one besides the one I had last night.
With the end of tax season just a few weeks off, I must being preparations next week for those appointments.

Fri 30 Mar
I didn't even notice that Easter was this early in 1975; I'd thought that 1986 was the first time on this date. It was on this date in 1986 when I answered the want ad from Vie de France. Sadly twenty years later, that job come the closest to what I wanted to do. Perhaps it's a fine factor in my struggle to reconstruct my fundamental goals.
In Scientific American's "The Ghosts of Galaxies Past", the article postulates that many of the stars in our galaxy actually are part of other galaxies which the Mily Way accreted. It explains Arcturus, which crosses over the disk of the Milky Way from 11 pcs away.

Mon 2 Apr
Thrityfive years ago was Easter, and it'll be another fiftyfive years before it happens again. I was very busy at Block yesterday with five clients who placed me a c-note ahead of my draw. Friday and Saturday nights were a waste.
At this point in time -- way early -- Hillary Clinton runs ahead of other Democrats with 26 million. It occurred to me that the precedents of the wives of governors who could not run again might provide the path to the first woman as president.

Thu 5 April
Last night the bureaucracy showed itself . At one end, the management wants as many students as possible in the course for the enrolled agent, while hyping the prerequisites to senior tax anaalysts and four hundred credits! Gleim, anyone?
On this date in 1969, the day before Easter had my awaiting my first purchase of a television set the following Monday. I had an encounter with Irish the hamster and a highest temperature since I had taken over Mountaintop Route 7 of 47ºF (9º).
Concerning chemical engineering from twentyfive years ago, I thought that perhaps a complete immersion (similar to foreign languages) is necessary to master a subject.

Sun 8 Apr
My first Sunday off this year feels so weird.I finally decided to concede to the schedule at Franklin Mills for the summer. There's little else I can do besides complain.

Mon 9 Apr
I just had a seven-hour marathon because I had started a halfhour ealry. There were nearly forty dataentries and I didn't get through the invoices.

Tue 10 Apr
The appointment passed without incident. I was not needed at Block, so I retired early. Unfortunately, I did not sleep well. I walked to work, and it was cold (nearly freezing) on the tenth anniversary when a van hit me in the crosswalks.
The regular job continues to tax my time. I may have to opt for overtime soon if the work doesn't let up.

Wed 11 Apr
Easters of 1971 and 1982 come to mind today., I begin the final six days of tax season. Each day clears the day of the week as my cold clears up.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mid-March Madness

Mon 12 Mar
Last weekend at Block was even worse than the weekend earlier. I had one client for $28, which is really poor for fourteen and a half hours. Of course, the weekend was shortened because of the Schrubbish of earlier daylight savings time. Now, I must arise in the dark, which I hated in October. It reminded me of the harebrained move to daylight savings time on Sunday, 6 January 1974! There just isn't daylight to save!
It is time to ease into the preparation for after tax season. Right now a lull, like the one last year in mid-March, gives me pause. There are only five weeks left, and the weather hints that spring is settling in. I still have snow scenes in the front window. The Easter material comes up soon, preferably after Saint Patrick's Day.

Thu 15 Mar Cavë ïdës Mariï, Caesar.
I thought about the nonsense over reading while on the toilet, and it occured to me that the lasck of progress there parallels the lack of progress in the rest of my life. I placed Adam Morgan on my website for astronomy as a reminder. The obervatory at WBPSU must have seen him!
I brought out Andy Fuel's "Wealth without a Job", and the end of tax season is almost in view as winter melts into spring. Ultimately I hope to have enough leads to pursue by this time in April.
Planning for succes begins with the purpose of life. Well, I have no inherited purpose; I have no purpose.

Fri 16 Mar
We're having a boderline storm in the region with snow in Allentown and sleet here. I am hoping Franklin Mills closes early tonight.
Well, it's one month until the end of the tax season. I finally had a client at 7 PM last nigth, which balanced out last night and Wednesday night.. It's time to plan the afterseason.

It's turning from sleet to snow outside, while I await news that Franklin Mills is closing early tonight. I've yet to have such an event this tax season.

Sat 17 Mar
The icestorm really fouled up today. We left my brother home with the dog because I could not shovel the frozen slop. Despite the sun's being out over twelve hours today, much of it remains frozen and in the way.

Thu 22 March
The frozen slop is taking a long time to melt. Despite continual days above melting, the stuff persists.
What slao persists is a certain "senior" member of Block, who's into bullying. There were four of us there until 9:30. I asked to leave, and she protested. So instead of leaving, the three of us stayed. I am asking management about this nonsense. The receptionist had me I may go.
Meanwhile, the move toward the offseason continues to drag. Sometime next week, I'm going to start making appointments. There may be a delay if we can't find the list of doctors.

The slop persiosts in warm weather with leakiy roofs and piles of frozen slop. I finally arose at 5:30. only to find the overnight maintainance on the computer didn't work. I used the Macavee uninstaller with little result.
My dream from yesterday morning occurred in a geography book in sixth grade. The past few days have had my reflecting on 1974 and 1975, because I intend to construct some of the goals I had considered then.

Of course, the various goals remain ignored. so I must redefine them. It's like rediscovering old songs by finding their lyrics on the internet.

Sat 24 Mar
Yecch! I knew I shouldn't have come to Block tonight. It looks as if I'll just waste three and a half hours here. I'd rather be home. I don't even (no more entry)

Tue 27 Mar
Yesterday will be the last time the earliest Easter I've witnessed came on that date. 1967, 1978,, and 1989 all had Easter on that date, and I remember each of them. From "The Man Called Fintstone" in 1967, through "Shadow Dancing" with Andy Gibb, to seeing Joe Paterno's trip some twenty meters ahead in 1989, each Easter had its individuality.
Last night I finished most of the remained left of the calendar for April. I should finish it tonight. It took nearly three mohts to draw it. It's been a long tax season.